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I am Farhan, a muslim, and a software engineer at VMWare/x-Cisco/x-startup freak. My area of interest lies in Distributed systems and OSS (open source software), and to educate people about Technology and Science with the help of arts. (Check out our cool CS Beginners Program)​

Computer science and programming are powerful tools for expressing creativity and for actuating change. The tools & skills are accessible for everyone. The aim is to frame computer science in a way that is accessible and inclusive to people who might not think there is a place for them in computer science.

Also I'd be writing about productivity hacks (which has worked out for me), book reviews (islamic/tech/educational/homeschooling etc), free educational (STEM) content for young kids and schooling parents, and document my journey as I learn about the sciences of Islam and learn to lead a productive life. You can subscribe to the Arriqaaq newsletter for the same.

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My aim is to share pieces that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise (article (on tech, productivity and islamic learnings), podcast episode or video). The Friday Gahwa Newsletter gives you carefully-curated writing of lasting value.

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